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  • Police, Fire, EMS Emergency: 911
  • Building Dept.: 248-433-7715
  • Fire Administration: 248-433-7745
  • Police Non Emergency: 248-433-7755
  • Bloomfield Twp. Library 248-642-5800
  • Water/Sewer Emergency: 248-433-7730
  • Community Television: 248-433-7790
  • Ordinance: 248-594-2845
  • Animal Welfare: 248-433-7757
  • Water & Sewer Div.: 248-594-2800
  • General Administration: 248-433-7700
  • Clerk: 248-433-7702
  • Planning: 248-433-7795
  • Police Investigation: 248-433-7760
  • Senior Services: 248-723-3500

Municipal Phone Numbers
An Opportunity To Volunteer
Our Association functions because of the time and effort of volunteers. Since all residents, members and non-members alike benefit from the work of CH-IA, it's fitting that each of us take our turn to 'pull the wagon'. 

Please take a look at the 'Volunteering' page and read about the different functions and opportunities available.  Just complete the form at the bottom of that screen to indicate your preferences.
A 8.5x11 page may be printed out for posting near your recycling bin.  Print here
Forms | Documents
Dues Allocation
2016 Fiscal Year
Dues Allocation

Landscape Maintenance - $3120

Entrance Planting - $320.

Insurance - $448.

Picnic-Halloween Parade - $127.24

Printing - $276.58

UHOA Dues-Website - $80.

St. of MI Fees - $20.

Total - $4391.82

Neighborhood Directory
The Association is preparing an updated neighborhood directory.  Our Secretary Betty Robinson is collecting current contact information.  Please click here to print the submittal form.
2017 Association Dues 
Submittal Form
The Board of Directors request each member include a Submittal Form with their dues payment.  This is necessary to maintain our membership roster.  You may download the form here.
Colonial Hills Improvement Association

President’s Message:  Hello neighbors. I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and looking forward to the warm weather. When the calendar tells me it’s February I start thinking about what I’m going to write in this space. Some years the words flow and I can fill the pages with no problem. Other years it’s not so easy. At the same time I reflect on the prior year and note what we accomplished, and more critically, what we didn’t get done. I will admit there are times when I think this is my last year, I’m not having fun, so why bother. Then I get together with the Board to plan for the new year, and the smiles and laughter and chatter gets me re-invigorated. Instead of thinking about what we didn’t get done, I look at the opportunities we have to improve our neighborhood and make it a welcome and safe place to live. I do enjoy being involved and getting to know all of you. So I chalk those earlier thoughts up to the winter doldrums. 
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Colonial Hills of Bloomfield
Bloomfield Township, Michigan
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CHIA Annual Picnic and Meeting

Wednesday, June 14th from 6-8 PM

383 Eileen 
(home of Dave and Andrea Hammond)

Guest speakers are:
Township Supervisor Leo Savoie
Bloomfield Township Assistant Fire Chief Mike Morin
Bloomfield Township Police Lt. Paul Schwab