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Colonial Hills of Bloomfield
Bloomfield Township, Michigan
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David Holland
Jonathan Milberg

​Betty Robinson  ​email
Mike Shea
​     email
Board Trustees
Todd Laramie
Jerry Mike
Don Aube
Welcoming Committee
Andrea Campbell  email
Gina Sander  email

Website Committee
Dave Holland
Betty Robinson

Building Plans Review Chair
​Bruce Roberts  email

Safety Committee 
Debbie Tedrick - Chairperson
Association Officers & Directors - 2011 - 2012
Committee Chairpersons
The success of our Association is dependent on the time and effort of our volunteers.  We request that you review the job descriptions of the various positions available and help us "push the wagon".
If you feel that you can spare some time and would be willing to assist, please contact David Holland.....here

Board Positions Responsibilities
Organize & chair Board meetings
Organize & chair the annual meeting
Draft newsletters
Review & approve plans submitted by homeowners, issue letter of approval
Represent the CHIA at UHOA meetings
Represent the CHIA on ZBA issues
Communicate w/ Bloomfield Township on issues relating to the CHIA
Disseminate information to CHIA homeowners via the CHIA website & newsletters
Approve disbursement requests
Serve as the main CHIA contact for Bloomfield Township
Organize the annual Halloween parade and party
Perform quarterly review of bank statements w/ the Treasurer
Issue annual dues letter
Answer homeowner inquiries
Coordinate w/ nearby neighborhood associations on common issues

Attend Board meetings
Distribute newsletters & flyers
Organize entertainment for the annual meeting
Manage the Adopt-an-Island program w/ homeowners
Manage the annual spring clean up
Island and entrance maintenance – tree trimming
Answer homeowner inquiries
Review & approve plans submitted by homeowners, issue letter of approval
Approve disbursement requests
Represent the CHIA at UHOA and ZBA meetings in the absence and request of the CHIA President

Record notes at Board meetings & annual meeting
Organize & disseminate meeting notes to Board members
Post meeting notes on the CHIA website
Post upcoming meetings and events on the CHIA website
Format and print newsletter & flyers
Attend Board meetings
Maintain historical CHIA information
Assist the Vice President w/ communications to homeowners (i.e Adopt-an-Island)

Deposit dues checks
Reconcile bank statements monthly
Prepare financial statements monthly
Write & mail (if necessary) disbursement checks
Maintain adequate supply of checks & order more as needed
Maintain the directory of neighbors, including those who paid dues
Send out second dues notice
Attend Board meetings
Meet w/ the President quarterly for review and sign-off of bank statements
Maintain historical financial data (bank statements, financial statements)

Disbursement and Bank Reconciliation Policy....here
Board Trustees
Attend Board Meetings
Answer homeowner inquiries
Conduct Board elections at the annual meeting
Provide general oversight to the Board

CHIA Committee (consisting of all four Board members and three Trustees)
Establish dates for events – annual meeting, Halloween party, etc.  
Plan for and approve major expenditures – signs, trees, landscaping, etc.
Oversee content of the CHIA website
Approve annual dues amount
Prepare and approve yearly budget
Develop overall plan for the neighborhood

L. to R.
Jonathan Milberg
Jenni McGrogan (moved and missed)
David Holland
Mike Shea
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CHIA Cannie Club
Debbie Tedrick